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7 Days    Residential Adventure Summer Camp for Kids

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" Soham, my son was very naughty and always shouting and fighting in the house. He used to watch TV or play video games all time. However, as he has joined Aaryan camp for last two years, it helped a lot to bring positive changes. I saw remarkable changes in his behavior. Now, I relaxed from all worries. "

- Mrs. Ingle

About Aaryans World School

Commando Training Camp Batch Schedule 2015

  • Batch A: Sun.12th Apr to Sat.18th Apr
  • Batch B: Sun.19th Apr to Sat.25th Apr
  • Batch C: Sun.26th Apr to Sat.2nd May
  • Batch D: Sun.3rd May to Sat.9th May
  • Batch E: Sun.10th May to Sat.16th May
  • Batch F: Sun.17th May to Sat.23rd May
  • Batch G: Sun.24th May to Sat.30th May
  • Batch H: Sun.31th May to Sat.6th May


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